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Retailers Punishing Repeat Online Returners

A warning if you shop online and have a habit of returning items, you may be in for a surprise. More retailers are starting to take notice and some are even punishing repeat offenders.


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Basic Errors That Can Delay Your Tax Refund

Millions of people are getting a jump on filing their tax returns now that they have received their W-2s and 1099 forms. And for most, the incentive to get moving is to get that tax refund in their bank account as soon as possible.



Walmart’s Gift Receipt Return Problem

It’s a big retailer with a big problem, customers getting short-changed at the register.


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Shoppers Stay Out Late For Returns, Bargains

ust because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the holiday spending has come to an end. Across South Florida the stores and malls were mobbed as thousands of people returned unwanted gifts and used gift cards to pick up items Santa may have missed.


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Consumers Beware Of Tax Refund Scams

Filing taxes may already be frustrating and confusing, but now scammers are making it even worse by electronically filing bogus tax returns.