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(Source: CBSMiami) Florida Senate Redistricting Map, original version

Redistricting Rewrite Before Florida Senate Panel

The Florida Senate Reapportionment Committee is going back to work Tuesday to create yet another new redistricting map.


Florida Capitol

Lawmakers Convene Special Session On Redistricting

Five days after wrapping up their second session, lawmakers are back in Tallahassee to take a second shot a legislative redistricting.


Courtroom Generic Gavel

FL Legislature Files Federal Lawsuit On Redistricting

In a pre-emptive move, the Florida Legislature has filed a federal lawsuit Monday in Washington, D.C., in case the Justice Department rejects its redistricting plans.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

Session Ends But Not For Long, Shifting Focus To Redistricting

Florida legislators will return to the Capitol on Wednesday, less than a week after the final day of the regular session after Gov. Rick Scott called a 15-day extraordinary session so lawmakers can redo redistricting.


(Source: CBSMiami) Florida Senate Redistricting Map, original version

Supreme Court To Legislature: Fix Senate Redistricting

Just hours before adjourning the 2012 session of the Florida legislature, lawmakers learned they will barely have time to go home and see the kids before heading back to Tallahassee, after Gov. Scott called a 15-day extraordinary session beginning Wednesday to deal with a redistricting plan rejected by the Florida Supreme Court.


(Source: CBS) Florida Redistricting For Congress, 2012

Redistricting Partially Approved By Fla. Court

The Florida Supreme Court issued a mixed ruling Friday over plans to redistrict the Florida House and Senate.



Justices Hear Florida Redistricting Arguments

The Florida Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday over redistricting maps the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature has drawn for itself, less than two weeks before the March 9 deadline for the justices to rule.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

Scott Signs Off On Redistricting Plan

The next stop for the Legislature’s once-a-decade redistricting plans will be a Tallahassee courtroom after Governor Rick Scott signed the plans Thursday afternoon.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

Lawsuits Filed By Democrats Over Redistricting

The bill hasn’t even been signed by Governor Rick Scott yet, but lawsuits have already been filed over the legislature’s once-a-decade redistricting maps.


(Source: AP)

Florida House To Take Up New Legislative District Maps

The maps that will change the face of Florida politics for the next decade by re-writing Florida legislative and congressional districts are up for votes Friday in the Florida House.