Tinder Wants Biracial Couple Emojis, What They're Doing About ItWhy are there no emojis that represent biracial couples?
Craig Setzer Talks Hurricanes, Tornadoes & Even Sharknado In Reddit AMACBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer took part in a Reddit AMA on June 1st, the first day of hurricane season.
CBS4's Craig Setzer Hosts Reddit AMA To Answer Your Hurricane QuestionsCBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer answers your questions during a Reddit AMA Thursday at 1pm on the start of hurricane season.
Local Holocaust Survivor's Online Q&A Goes ViralHenry Flescher is a Holocaust survivor. For years he's spoken to groups about his experiences. And now, at the age of 92, you could say he's gone viral.
Millennials Rely On Social Media For NewsToday's younger generation has a reputation of being glued to the cellphones and tablets. It's where they chat with their friends, find out the latest hot spots in town and, believe it or not, keep up with the world. In their own way, of course.
The Role Social Media Played In #BostonBombingsAs the investigation into the terror attack on the Boston Marathon played out, nearly every development played out on social media sites. Pieces of information were being sent out via Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit with incredible speed.
Wikipedia To Go Dark In Protest WednesdayInternet giant Wikipedia will join several other websites on Wednesday and cease operations that day as a protest of the Stop Online Privacy Act currently in the House of Representatives.

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