Red Light Tickets

Red Light Camera 625 (Source: CBS4)

Miami Commission Puts Red Light Cameras Back In Action

After nearly a month of delays, Miami commissioners voted Thursday to move forward with a plan that expands their red light camera program.

CBS Miami–07/25/2013


State High Court To Take Up Red Light Camera Fines

Drivers fined after they were caught on camera running a red light may be in for a refund down the road.


(Source: CBS4)

Hialeah Ends Red-Light Camera Program, But Drivers Still Beware

No more red light cameras in Hialeah. The message comes after the city’s mayor and the Hialeah City Council passed a repeal of the ordinance.


(Source: CBS)

Two South Florida Cities Differ On Need For Red Light Cameras

The debate over red light cameras intensified this week as one South Florida city moves to take down its’ cameras and another will begin to put them up.