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Red Light Cameras

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Changes To Red Light Camera Law Starting July 1st

Changes are coming to the laws regulating red light cameras across Florida. They will impact the way you fight a red light camera ticket and when you can be busted for making an illegal right turn on red.


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House Cautiously OKs Red Light Camera Measure

On the issue of red-light cameras, the Florida House seems to have found its happy medium.


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Hialeah To Use Red-Light Cameras To Stem Rise In Robberies

Hialeah police are using red light cameras for more than just catching red-light runners.



Ft. Lauderdale Gets OK For Six More Red-Light Cameras

Drivers have six more reasons to hit the brakes for that upcoming yellow light.


Rep. Daphne Campbell, D-Miami Shores, gestures as she promotes an abortion regulating measure on the House floor Wednesday, April 27, 2011. (Source: Florida House Of Representative/ Meredith Geddings)

Miami Lawmaker Files Move To End Red Light Cameras

Days after a report concluded red light cameras decreased crashes at most intersections where they are installed, a South Florida lawmaker filed legislation to repeal the law allowing their use.


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Report: Fewer Crashes Means Traffic Cameras Likely To Stay

Law enforcement has bad news for those that despise red-light cameras: they’re likely here to stay.



State High Court To Take Up Red Light Camera Fines

Drivers fined after they were caught on camera running a red light may be in for a refund down the road.


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Tourist Fights, Beats Miami Red Light Camera Ticket

Red light traffic cameras are automatically documenting violations all over South Florida and generating traffic tickets for drivers who run red lights.


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Some Cops Given A Pass If Caught By Red Light Cameras

Drivers caught on camera running a red light face a fine of $158. But if you’re a police officer, you may get a pass in some cities.


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Red Light Cameras Go “Live” In West Park Next Month

Drivers in West Park will soon have to slow their roll when they see the light turn yellow. Beginning March 9th, red light cameras will go live at five intersections in the city.