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Court Rejects Red-Light Citation For Rental Car Driver

An appeals court Wednesday ruled that a rental-car driver’s constitutional rights were violated because she did not receive the same treatment as other motorists nabbed by red-light cameras.


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Court Sides With Hollywood Motorist In Red-Light Camera Case

On Wednesday, an appeals court said the city of Hollywood violated state law by relying on a private company to issue traffic citations to red-light runners.


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Senate Puts Brakes On Red-Light Camera Repeal

Red-light cameras won’t be turned off in Florida this year.


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House Throttles Back On Red-Light Camera Bill

The key House proponent of eliminating red-light cameras ended his effort Monday to prohibit the installation of new cameras across the state.


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Bill Proposes Repeal Of Red Light Cameras

A Florida legislator has filed a bill aimed at putting the brakes on Florida’s red-light camera law.

CBS Miami–09/04/2013

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Miami Commission Puts Red Light Cameras Back In Action

After nearly a month of delays, Miami commissioners voted Thursday to move forward with a plan that expands their red light camera program.

CBS Miami–07/25/2013

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New Red Light Camera Laws In Place Monday

Starting Monday, drivers have a new, less expensive option to fight red light camera tickets. But don’t celebrate too soon, because the existing laws are also getting tougher on some drivers.


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Fla. Appeals Court Upholds City Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras have received a green light from a Florida appeals court which has has upheld the right of cities to use cameras to catch and fine motorists who run red lights.


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Davie Leaders To Vote On Canceling Red Light Camera Contract

It could be lights out for planned red light cameras in Davie.



Exclusive: Red Light Camera Caught Former Cop’s Deadly DUI Accident

For the first time, we’re seeing videotape from a deadly alcohol-related accident in Homestead and why a former Homestead police officer who was allegedly driving drunk was not charged with DUI manslaughter.




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