(Source: NASA)

Sun Unleashes Two Intense Solar Flares Tuesday

The sun put on quite a celestial show Tuesday as it unleashed two solar flares and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught them both on camera.


In a screen grab taken from a handout timelapse sequence provided by NASA / SDO, a solar spot in the centre of the Sun is captured from which the first X-class flare was emitted in four years on February 14, 2011. The images taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft reveal the source of the strongest flare to have been released in four years by the Sun, leading to warnings that a resulting geo-magnetic storm may cause disruption to communications and electrical supplies once it reaches the earths magnetic field.  (Image by NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images)

Strongest Solar Storm Since 2005 Hitting Earth

South Florida and the rest of the Earth is in the midst of the largest solar storm since 2005.



Three S. Fla. Women Transformed In Ultimate Makeover Contest

The Ultimate Makeovers Contest in Broward County has changed lives. A group of doctors and stylists came together to offer free surgery to people who otherwise couldn’t afford it. CBS4’s Cynthia Demos got to tell the woman who won and see the makeover through.


Something as small as a ring can set off a TSA scanner. (credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Europe Bans Body Scanners Used At U.S. Airports

Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale International Airport have been out front in using full body scanners for security. Now the question is will that change after the European Union announced it has banned X-ray body scanners.



A Sister’s Story: Beating Breast Cancer

CBS4 News Anchor Eliott Rodriguez tells the story of his sister Arleen, a fragile little girl who became a strong fighter when confronted with breast cancer after the birth of her first child.



Komen: Surviving Both Cancer & Heart Problems

In the fight against cancer, sometimes one medical treatment can lead to other medical problems.


(Source: CBS) Stephanie Lombard, a teacher working in Japan at the time of the Earthquake, returned home to Coral Springs Sunday

Japan Disaster Survivor Returns To Coral Springs

Her apartment was destroyed. Her job, on hold. The country she had traveled to on a teaching assignment is no longer safe. Sunday, Coral Springs teacher Stephanie Lombard came home, bringing with her memories of disaster and survival.


(AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

Study: Cell Phone Emissions Cause Brain Stimulation

A new study published in the Journal of American Medical Association may spark the debate of whether cell phone frequencies have negative health effects on the body.



I-Team: Do Airport X-ray Scanners Pose A Risk To Travelers?

While many airplane flyers wanted to mutiny this holiday season, outraged over government screeners seeing images of their body parts, the I-Team has been investigating what you can’t see: radiation and what it could mean for you.



Gadgets Offer Protection From Cell Phone Radiation

Major companies that produce cell phones are designing products that they claim will protect you from a possible exposure to radiation.