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Rachel Jeantel

(Source: CBS4)

Star Witness In Zimmerman Trial Graduates High School

The teenager that was the last to speak with Trayvon Martin graduated from high school Friday.


Dactylobatus clarkii or Hookskate caught off Miami Beach by Capt. Mark Quartiano or Mark the Shark (Source: Mark Quartiano)

Top 10 Local Talkers Of 2013 On

When news breaks in South Florida, the rest of the nation is often left talking about it. From the death of Trayvon Martin, a bizarre sea creature caught off the coast of Miami Beach, to a naked man who pooped then went on a rampage, these are the top ten local talkers on in 2013.

CBS Miami–12/16/2013

(Source: Martin Family Photo)

Top 10 Local Stories Of 2013

South Florida’s connection to the JFK assassination, the death of Trayvon Martin, and a bizarre sea creature caught off Miami Beach all were popular stories on in 2013.

CBS Miami–12/12/2013


Rachel Jeantel Says She Will Accept Radio DJ’s Offer

The teenager that was the last to speak with Trayvon Martin has announced she will move forward with an opportunity presented to her by a national radio DJ Tom Joyner.


Rachel Jeantel talks exclusively to CBS4's Summer Knowles. (Source: CBS4)

Rachel Jeantel On Trayvon Martin Friendship: “He Never Judged Me”

Rachel Jeantel opens up about her friendship with Trayvon Martin, calling him a good and true friend.


Rachel Jeantel spoke exclusively to CBS4 about Trayvon Martin's last moments before his death. (credit: WFOR-TV)

Jeantel: Martin Sought ‘To Try To Lose’ Zimmerman Before Fatal Encounter

George Zimmerman trial witness Rachel Jeantel described to CBS4 how Trayvon Martin sought “to try to lose” the community watch member in the neighborhood.


Rachel Jeantel (credit: WFOR-TV)

Exclusive: Witness Responds To Twitter Backlash

Rachel Jeantel responds to the Twitter backlash she received while testifying in the George Zimmerman trial.

CBS Miami–07/16/2013

Rachel Jeantel (credit: WFOR-TV)

Exclusive: Zimmerman Verdict ‘Froze’ Witness, Family

After the jury returned a not guilty verdict in the case of Trayvon Martin’s death, trial witness Rachel Jeantel’s family had a harsh reaction: “We didn’t get no justice…. We lost another child.”

CBS Miami–07/16/2013

Rachel Jeantel talks exclusively to CBS4's Summer Knowles. (Source: CBS4)

Trayvon Martin Friend Offered College Scholarship By Radio Host

Something positive may actually come out of the George Zimmerman trial for star prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel.

CBS Miami–07/16/2013


Exclusive: Rachel Jeantel Responds To Zimmerman Verdict

As much of America was glued to their televisions during the Zimmerman trial over the past few weeks, there was one figure that garnered much attention and controversy.




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