Race To The Top

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‘Race To The Top’ Grant Program Is Changing Education

Since Race to the Top was launched, schools across the country have adopted new, rigorous education standards, implemented stringent teacher evaluation systems and are developing data collection systems to better inform instruction.


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Miami-Dade Schools Awarded $30 Mil As “Race To The Top” Finalist

Miami-Dade County Public Schools are $30 million dollars richer after being named a winner in the Department of Education’s Race to the Top District competition.



Miami-Dade, Broward Districts Named Race To The Top Finalists

Two South Florida school districts have been named among five finalists for the U.S. Department of Education’s new Race to the Top competition.


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Miami-Dade Teachers Approve Performance Pay In 2nd Vote

Miami-Dade teachers who received “Race to the Top” merit pay bonuses will be allowed to keep the money following a contract re-ratification vote on Tuesday.



Miami-Dade Teachers Union To Revote On Performance Pay

There’s a big vote planned Tuesday for the Miami-Dade Teachers Union. Teachers are going to re-vote on contract ratifications. There are three measures teachers will be voting on; “Race to the Top” bonus plans, health insurance, and teacher evaluations.



Report: Florida Has “Significant Issues” Implementing Race To The Top

Florida is one of three states named in a new report as having “significant issues” meeting plans for Race to the Top school grant money.


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Fla. Misses Out On $100M Race To The Top Grant

Florida was not among a group of nine states to receive a $100 million federal grant for early learning.


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Florida Files Race To The Top Application

Florida has filed its nearly 300-page Race to the Top application for a $100 million early learning grant designed to improve its voluntary pre-kindergarten program.



Gov. Scott Wants State To Apply For Fed Education Grant

Gov. Rick Scott is hoping to cash in on the U.S. Department of Education’s Race to the Top early learning challenge.



Broward Teachers To Get $500 Cash Bonus

There’s some good news for teachers in Broward County. Teachers have reached a contract with the school district, granting instructors a $500 cash bonus and no unpaid furlough days.