Prison Escape

Ronald McCoy (Source: Florida Department of Corrections)

Escaped Inmate From Dade C.I. Possibly In Tampa Area

An inmate at a state prison in Miami-Dade County is on the loose after he escaped on Halloween.


(Source: THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Stress-Inducing Room Escape Attraction Comes To Miami Beach

Movies like “Saw” prey on people’s fear of being locked in a room, struggling to solve puzzles to escape. The panic of confinement and finite time breeds heart-pounding stress. One group of entrepreneurs in Miami Beach have taken this formula and turned it into an attraction.


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Fla. Dept. Of Corrections Launches ALERT Notification System

The Florida Department of Corrections is launching a new automated system to alert residents living near a state correctional facility in the event of an emergency.


(Source: CBS4) Police captured a man believed to be Juan Preval, an escapee from a state work release facility in Opa-Locka

Escaped State Prisoner Captured After Manhunt

A state prison inmate so close to freedom that he was allowed to work outside the walls of one of the state’s most minimum security prisons faces years longer at hard time, after he escaped briefly Tuesday, touching off a 90 minute manhunt.