Presidential Race

Clinton Has Her Eye On Hispanic VotersHillary Rodham Clinton's campaign has their eye on the Hispanic vote, ahead of the early primary elections in Florida.
Trump Calls For Tax Code Overhaul, Unveils Plan Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is calling for an overhaul to the tax code, proposing his own plan that would eliminate income taxes for millions of Americans.
Florida GOP To Give Presidential Candidates Ballot OptionsThe Republican Party of Florida is set to give presidential candidates the options to be listed on the March primary ballot.
Breaking Keystone Silence, Clinton Says She Opposes PipelineWhether it was by coincidence or not, Hillary Rodham Clinton picked a fortuitous time to announce that she opposes the Keystone XL pipeline.
Bush Says Too Many Regulations Are Hurting US EconomyRepublican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush says too many rules and regulations are stifling U.S. economic growth and creation of jobs but he is now released a plan that would change that.
Sources: Walker To Drop Out Of GOP Presidential RaceScott Walker is dropping out of the Republican race for president, according to sources familiar with his decision.
Rubio Gets Presidential Endorsement From Georgia CongressmanRepublican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio got the endorsement from a Georgia congressman as the Florida senator arrived to campaign in the state.
Amid Trump Bombast, Quiet Ben Carson Rises In GOP 2016 Field Amid all the hubbub over Donald Trump and other Republican presidential hopefuls, Dr. Ben Carson has slowly rising in the polls.
Pressure Grows On GOP Hopefuls To Take Sharper Aim At Trump The pressure is growing for Republic presidential hopefuls to sharpen their attacks on Donald Trump ahead of the GOP debate this week.
Jeb Bush Proposes 'Simple, Fair & Clear' Tax CodeRepublican Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has proposed a new tax reform plan that calls for lowering the corporate tax rate and tax deductions for investments in business.
Trump Surge Challenges Bush To Fight, Yet Keep The 'joy'Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush is heading into the fall campaign as a fighter, partly due to his clash with his opponent Donald Trump.
Jeb Bush Places First Advertisements Of Campaign In NHAn important presidential primary state will be seeing more of GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush.