Sentencing Delayed For Ex-Venezuela Judge In US Drug Case
Hopes, Fears, Doubts Surround Cuba's Oil FutureOne of the most prolific oil and gas basins on the planet sits just off Cuba's northwest coast, and the thaw in relations with the United States is giving rise to hopes that Cuba can now get in on the action.
President Obama, Local Politicians React To Chavez's DeathVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez died Tuesday afternoon after more than a decade in office and a lengthy fight with cancer. The death of Chavez, who has been virulently anti-American, was greeted with hope for the future from local politicians.
Ros-Lehtinen Calls For Venezuelan Diplomat To Be ExpelledFlorida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said Tuesday the U.S. must expel the Venezuelan diplomats after the Latin American country allegedly threw out an Air Force attaché earlier in the day.
New Photos Show Castro ‘Alive And Kicking’ After Death RumorsNew pictures could put rumors of Fidel Castro's death to rest. Last week, the rumors of the 85-year-old former Cuban leader's demise surfaced. Days after, new pictures from a Venezuelan television interview became public proving the reports of Castro’s death to be premature.
Hugo Chavez Admits Recent Surgery Removed Cancerous TumorSouth Florida's Venezuelan community closely watching the health condition of President Hugo Chavez were dealt stunning news Thursday night.Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told his countrymen he underwent surgery in Cuba to remove a cancerous tumor.

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