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Police Investigating Social Networking Child Porn Activity

Police investigators in Pembroke Pines report that they are investigating complaints of distributing child pornography via social networking sites.

CBS Miami–02/07/2014

Source: (CNET)

Condom Law Blamed For Relocating Porn Industry

Southern California has been known as a pornography hub for many years, but the industry is picking up and moving out after a condom law was passed. The same group that fought for that law started the push for one in Florida too.


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Complaint Filed Over Lack Of Condom Use In Florida Porn Movies

Florida’s porn industry may be about to go under cover, so to speak, if a health organization has its way.

CBS Miami–09/04/2013


Math Tutor Who Moonlights In Porn Banned To Advertise At S. Fla. Schools

Conflicting opinions on whether a tutor’s advertising banners should be banned or not, based off of his steamy past, arose on Wednesday.


Dalia Dippolito in court. (file image) (Source: CBS4)

Dalia Dippolito’s Murder-For-Hire Conviction In Jeopardy

The South Florida murder-for-hire conviction of Dalia Dippolito could be tossed out over allegations of a major conflict of interest.


Todd Thomson is accused of viewing child porn in a McDonald's parking lot. (Source: Broward Sheriff's Office)

Fort Lauderdale City Employee Arrested For Possessing Child Porn

A Fort Lauderdale city employee is facing child pornography charges after investigators say someone saw the man — who works as a Building Inspector — looking at the pornography in his car in a McDonald’s parking lot.


(Source: CNET)

Twitter Gives Vine NC-17 Rating After Porn Controversy

After a dustup over pornography showing up on Vine, the Twitter-owned video-sharing app has added an age rating for possible adult content.


Corine Motley (Source: Escambia County Sheriff's Office)

Feds Arrest Florida Woman For Sexual Exploitation Of A Child

A Florida woman suspected of being a child pornographer and at the center of a nationwide search has been captured.


Federal authorities arrest so-called "Jane Doe", who they say produced a long-form pornography film with a child.. (Source: ICE)

Feds Seek “Jane Doe” For Sexual Exploitation Of A Child

Government officials are looking for an unknown woman accused of using a young child for sexual exploitation.


William Britt (Source: Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

Keys Substitute Teacher Found With Child Porn

Not long after an eviction notice was tacked to the door of William Britt’s residence in Cudjoe Key, the 55-year-old’s life went from bad to horrible.