Pope Benedict XVI

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Miami Archdiocese Surprised By Pope’s Resignation

Pope Benedict XVI stunned the Catholic world Monday morning by announcing his resignation from the job effective at the end of February.

CBS Miami–02/11/2013

(Source: Archdiocese of Miami) Retired Auxiliary Bishop Augustin Roman

Auxillary Bishop Agustin Roman Dead At 83

Miami’s Cuban exile community is mourning the loss of a spiritual leader.


Father Felix Varela (Source: Archdiocese Of Miami)

Pope Approves “Venerable” Status For Havana Born Priest

A Havana born priest who Pope Benedict XVI mentioned during a homily in his recent visit to Cuba has received what many view as the first step toward sainthood.


Cuban President Raul Castro (R) shakes hands with Pope Benedict XVI after mass at Revolution Square in Havana on March 28, 2012.  (Photo credit:  JUAN BARRETO/AFP/Getty Images)

Cuba Declares Next Good Friday A Holiday

Good Friday has been declared a holiday in Cuba for the first time in decades following an appeal by Pope Benedict XVI.



South Florida Catholics Watched Pope From Across The Straits

Students at St. Agatha Catholic school in West Miami-Dade got more than a lesson in religion, watching Pope Benedict the 16th’s historic mass at Revolution Plaza in Havana Wednesday morning. They learned about the impact communism has had on religion on the island.


Pope Benedict XVI leaves Mexico

Something Extra: Will This Pope Make A Difference In Cuba?

Hope for change is in the air again in Cuba. But for more than five decades, hopes for freedom have been dashed.


Pope Benedict XVI leaves Mexico

Pope’s Cuban Visit Draws Strong Local Reaction

Pope Benedict XVI is in Cuba Monday evening preparing for a mass inside the Lady of Charity Church. While people are packed inside the church in Cuba, there are mixed emotions about the Pope’s visit in South Florida.


(Source: Pool) Pope Benedict Arrives In Mexico

Archbishop, Papal Pilgrims Prepare For Cuba Trip

Just hours away from his departure to Cuba as leader of religious pilgrims bound to see Pope Benedict the 16th, Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski helped the faithful prepare Saturday with a Mass. “Lord be the companion of our journey,” Archbishop Wenski prayed.


(Source: Pool) Pope Benedict Arrives In Mexico

Pope Arrives In Mexico, In Cuba Monday

Pope Benedict XVI is expected to arrive in Mexico Friday, but unlike his predecessor Pope John Paul II, the excitement level may not be as high for the current Holy See.



Cuban Dissidents Thrown Out Of Church

A group of Cuban dissidents that had barricaded themselves inside a Havana church to demand an audience with Pope Benedict XVI have been removed by Cuban authorities, according to the BBC.