WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20: Poet Richard Blanco speaks at the podium at the U.S. Capitol building as Washington prepares for U.S. President Barack Obama's second inauguration on January 20, 2013 in Washington, DC. Both Obama and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will be officially sworn in today with a public ceremony for the President taking place on January 21. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Cuban-American Poet To Read Poem In Havana

Cuban-American poet, and South Florida native, Richard Blanco is going to participate in the re-opening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana Friday.


Robert Macias, know to his fans as r.m. drake, is making his mark in the poetry world.  (Source: CBS4)

South Florida Poet Making His Mark

You may have seen his poems, written in typewriter font, shared and posted all over Instagram. Some of his followers include celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and rapper and actor Ludacris.


Scott Cunningham, founder of O, Miami. (Source: CBS4)

O, Miami: A Month-Long Ode To Poetry With A Mission

From bar stools to urinals, and everywhere in between, South Florida is teeming with the presence of poetry for O, Miami, an annual month-long festival with a mission.


Kerry, Hagel, Dempsey Testify Before House Armed Services Committee On Syria

Top Local Poets In South Florida

View the list and discover poetry, South Florida style.


Walkers pass an etched-in-concrete poem memorializing author/songwriter Shel Silverstein Friday, April 25, 2014, in Key West, Fla. The poem is among the first of 17 poem etchings being installed in Key West sidewalks by the city's public works department. The Key West Art in Public Places Board selected the 17 poems from more than 200 local writers' submissions. (Carol Tedesco/Florida Keys News Bureau/HO)

Local Artists’ Poetry To Be Embedded In Key West Sidewalks

People in Key West will see more than just turquoise waters around Key West, they will now see a new sight as they walk the sidewalks – poetry.


Washington DC Prepares For Presidential Inauguration

Inaugural Poet To Set Up Visiting Writers Program

Miami’s very own influential poet Richard Blancois has set up a program to help others reach their dreams.


Washington DC Prepares For Presidential Inauguration

For Inaugural Poet, A Journey Home To America

The Miami neighborhood where inaugural poet Richard Blanco grew up, in many ways, resembles Cuba his family left behind. Down the street, a man sells avocados from a small table. His favorite bakery, a few blocks north, serves guava pastries and cafe con leche.


O Miami

“O, Miami” Brings Poetry To The People

April is National Poetry Month and organizers of one unique Miami festival are recognizing it in their own way.


Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Best Poetry Events In South Florida

Whether it’s a quiet setting where you can read the classics or an awe-inspiring live performance where you can immerse in the new and popular, this list presents you with the opportunity to fully experience National Poetry Month.


Ricardo Paul Llosa is a Cuban-born poet and art critic. (Credit: )

Best Local Poets In Miami

Several decades ago, choosing the best local poets in Miami might have been easy. Simply put, there weren’t that many versifiers ‘round these subtropical parts. But given the advent of undergraduate guiding lights it’s a tough contest.

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