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PBSO: One Confirmed Dead In Plane Crash Site Found In Everglades

Coast Guard officials were contacted Saturday after a plane wreckage site was found in the Everglades.

CBS Miami–06/08/2013

A Cessna 182 (similar to the one pictured here) made an emergency landing on U.S.27.  (Source: Wikipedia/ Arpingstone)

Pilot Makes Emergency Landing On U.S.27

The pilot of a small plane is okay after he was forced to make an emergency landing on U.S. 27 in western Broward County.


A United flight from Fort Lauderdale slid off the runway in Cleveland on Friday, Feb. 22, 2013. (Source: CBS4)

Plane From Ft. Lauderdale Slides Off Runway In Ohio

A plane from Fort Lauderdale has slid off the runway at Hopkins Airport in Cleveland.


The flight will leave MIA daily for Frankfurt at 4:10 p.m. and arrive back in Miami the next day at 1:50 p.m. (CBS4)

Hundreds Of Inbound And Outbound Flights Cancelled By Isaac

Inside: List of inbound and outbound flights at MIA and FLL affected by Isaac on Sunday.

CBS Miami–08/26/2012


Pembroke Pines Man Dies In France Plane Crash

A Pembroke Pines family is grieving after losing their son in a plane crash in France.

CBS Miami–07/14/2012

The pilot of an ultralight plane was forced to make an emergency landing on an access road adjacent to US 27 in Weston. (CBS4)

Ultralight Pilot Makes Emergency Landing Near US 27

A wild ride for the pilot of an ultralight aircraft after a problem forced him to make an emergency just yards away from busy U.S. 27 in Weston.



Police: South Florida Is An Attractive Target For Terror

Pentagon officials say al Qaeda terrorists were, once again, plotting to blow up a plane using a bomb inside a passenger’s underwear.


(Source: ©2012 FlightAware) Tracking software provided at shows the plane moving into a circular pattern before it ran out of fuel and crashed into the Gulf.

From 5 Miles High, Incapacitated Pilot’s Cessna Falls Into Gulf

After circling for hours 5 miles above the Gulf of Mexico, a small plane whose pilot was apparently incapacitated fell into the water west of the Tampa Bay area, the U.S. Coast Guard confirmed Thursday. The crash was observed by military jets who had been standing by, unable to help.


(CBS4) Small plane crash lands in shallow water off U.S. 1 near Florida City.

Plane Makes Emergency Landing In S. Dade

A small plane made an emergency landing south of Florida City Friday morning. Initial reports said the plane came down in shallow water near MM 119 on US1, and that those aboard are unhurt.


(Source: Airport-Date.Com)

Victims Identified In Keys Plane Crash

The Florida Highway Patrol has identified the bodies of two men who died in a plane crash in the Florida Keys Thursday. The bodies were not found until Friday afternoon.