51st Annual Grammy Awards - Press Room

2012 Grammy Nominees

Here are the nominations for the 2012 Grammy Awards, to air on CBS Sunday, February 12.


Pink hair extensions and not only a fun way to spruce up your look, but it gets the word out about breast cancer awareness. (Source: CBS4)

Stylists Adding A Touch Of Pink To Hair Styles

For most people, heading to the salon and walking out with some pink in your hair might be a nightmare. But for some hair stylists, they are adding a touch of pink to everyone’s lives by donating their time to help raise awareness for breast cancer.


(CBS4) Freedom Tower in downtown Miami

Freedom Tower Goes Pink For A Great Cause

A special event was held Friday night to help kickoff Breast Cancer Awareness month.



Boy Or Girl? A Simple Gender Test Raises Ethical Concerns

Pink or blue? Boy or girl? Many wanna-be parents find out whether they’re going to have a baby by using a home pregnancy test. Now, there’s at-home blood tests that can reveal the sex of an unborn baby as early as seven weeks, and with surprising accuracy.


(Source: AP)

Everglades Park Buildings Go Pink

The Everglades National Park buildings are now pretty in pink. In a throwback to their original color scheme the buildings are being repainted flamingo pink.