Pink Slips

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M-D Commission Votes To Avoid Police Layoffs

It’s back to square one for Miami-Dade County Commissioners and the Mayor who are trying to solve the County’s budget battle.


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Political Showdown Looms In Miami-Dade’s Healthcare Impasse

Miami-Dade County Commissioners are scheduled to meet Tuesday to finally solve a political showdown between Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the Commission over controversial concessions on county unions including the police union.



PBA Files Lawsuit Against County Over Handling Of Layoffs

The Dade County PBA, a union that represents police officers, has filed a lawsuit in response to layoffs ordered by the mayor.


Former Miami-Dade Police Department Director Jim Loftus. (Source: CBS4)

Loftus Discusses Next Steps After Dade County Pink Slips Issued

The director of the Miami-Dade Police Department spoke Saturday afternoon discussing the next steps the department will take after hundreds of Miami-Dade county employees received pink slips one day ago.


hollywood police

Hollywood Officers Resign After Paycuts

Meredith Tisch was visibly upset when the City of Hollywood gave her and 12 other rookie officers pink slips last June. Budget cuts were to blame.


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Miami-Dade Police Layoffs On Hold, For Now

Nearly 100 Miami-Dade police officers who were expecting to receive pink slips in the mail this week can breathe a little easier.


(Source: CBS4) Miami-Dade School Board meeting

Teachers Speak Out After 1,400 Broward Educators Get Pink Slips

The budget battle takes center stage once again at the Broward County School Board as more than 1,000 teachers are told they are out of a job. But some of them are not giving up without a fight.