Distracted Driving (Source: CBS4)

Distracted Driving May Not Be Entirely Your Fault

A new study from AAA is raising concerns about the modern technology in our cars.


BlackBerry's Z10 smartphone hits U.S. stores on Saturday, March 23rd. (Source: CNET)

How Dirty Are Your Tech Gadgets?

The smartphone you put right up to your cheek, or the tablet you hold in your hands, is quite possibly dirtier–in terms of germs–than a toilet seat, according to scientific research.



Cell Phones Not Immune From Telemarketers

It’s a reflex. The phone rings and no matter what we are doing, we look.

CBS Miami–02/20/2014

AAA warns...don't take selfies while driving. (Source: CBS4)

Dangerous Driving Selfies

Posting so-called “selfies” or pictures of yourself is a popular thing on social media. But now, some of that is getting down right dangerous, and AAA is begging people, “Don’t Selfie and Drive.”


(Source: CBS4)

Save Money On Your Smartphone

When the cell phone bill arrives each month, do you just open it, cringe at the fees and send in the payment?


Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case (Source: CBS4)

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Self-Defense Weapon

Could a new smartphone case save your life? That’s what the creator of the Yellowjacket is hoping. It’s an iPhone case which houses a 650,000 volt stun-gun.

CBS Miami–09/24/2013


South Florida Cell Phones Targeted By “Spammers”

Cell phone spammers are targeting South Florida area codes.


(Source: CBS4)

The Truth About Caller ID Spoofs

Telemarketers have found a new way to manipulate caller ID and your phone number could be the next victim.


S. Florida based Marware hopes to cash in on a newly-designed iPhone 5 case. (CBS4)

S. Florida Accessory Supplier Cashing In On iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is officially on the market and it’s already flying off store shelves. But Apple is not the only company banking on the new smart phone’s success.


(Photo credit should read DON EMMERT/AFP/GettyImages)

iPhone 5 Sales Mean More Than Profit For Apple

If the release of the latest iPhone is any indication, people have not lost their love for all things Apple.




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