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Blogger Toni Sicola likes to snack on foods which are hunger busting and healthy.  (Source: CBS)

Dried Meat Snacks Going Healthy

Healthy may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of dried meat snacks – like beef jerky. However, a growing number of brands are setting out to change that.


(Source: CBS4)

The Health Risks Associated With High-Protein Diets

The next time you take a trip to the grocery store, look around; you may be surprised by the number of products that feature added protein.

CBS Miami–07/19/2013

The USDA doesn’t officially offer any opinion about whether organic food is safer or more nutritious than non-organic food. It only says that organic standards have been met. This includes the companies that handle or process the foods before they get to the supermarket. That said, organic foods have lower levels of artificial pesticides, are not genetically modified, don’t have artificial hormones, and reduce your exposure to antibiotics.

Economy Sends S. Floridians To Discount Grocers

As more and more Americans struggle to pay for groceries, a niche market created by some savvy merchants – discount grocery stores – is taking off.