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Pew Survey Finds More Mothers Are Primary Breadwinners

A new survey from Pew Research showed that women continue to make unprecedented advances in the business world, but some say that may not necessarily be a good thing.

CBS Miami–05/29/2013


Poll: Middle-Class Shrinking In Size And Wealth

After more than a decade of tax cuts, trickle-down economics, runaway government spending, wars, and ballooning deficits and debts, the middle class is poorer and has a lower income than they did in the 1990’s according to a new Pew survey.

CBS Miami–08/22/2012

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Study: Florida Prison Terms Increasing, Costing State $1 Billion

While some violent crime may be ticking down nationwide, the length of prison stays continues to grow, especially in the Sunshine State.



Survey: Rich/Poor Conflict Explodes

Democratic strategist James Carville created an entire campaign behind the motto of “it’s the economy stupid.” But this year, it may be more than just the economy that helps decide the presidential election.


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Survey: Record Low 51% Of All Americans Are Married

For some, the dream of a beautiful wedding and honeymoon in a place like South Florida is a key part of the American dream. But the Great Recession and changing views of marriage has left just half of all Americans married,