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Dog Play Toy

Gifts For Pets And Pet Owners In South Florida

Who greets you at the door, happy to see you every day? It’s that devoted furry fan with matted hair, four paws and bad breath. Show your love and appreciation this holiday season with a thoughtful gift for your best friend.



Free Exams, Services For Pet Owners This Sunday

Big news for pet owners who have been putting off pricey pet exams and vaccinations: you can do it all for free.



Special Needs Residents & Pet Owners Act Now Before A Storm

The peak of hurricane season is nearly here. It comes around the second week of September. So are you still unprepared for a storm if you have special needs or pets?


Storm Tips for the Height iof Hurricane Season 2011

Curt Sommerhoff worries whether the next time a big storm threatens South Florida, it will be taken seriously. He warns ” It’s been 5 years since Hurricane Wilma and in this county we worry about […]


Overweight Basset Hound

America’s Portly Pet Problem

While walking your pet down the sandy beaches of South Beach may be at the top of every pet owners priorities, a new report said not many are following through and pets are starting to suffer because of it.