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Democrat And Republican

Democrats Focus On Governor’s Race, Rebuilding

There are four statewide offices on November’s ballot, and the Florida Democratic Party is essentially conceding two of them.


(Source: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Dems Criticize Gov. Scott Over Troubled Unemployment Website

Florida Democrats have criticized Gov. Rick Scott for failing to provide leadership or take ownership over the state’s troubled $63 million unemployment website.


Florida Governor's Mansion (Source: CBS4)

Florida Pays $800K To Fix Governor’s Mansion

Did you know your hard-earned tax dollars are paying for upgrades at Gov. Rick Scott’s Tallahassee mansion? Gov. Scott has repeatedly pledged to slash government spending since his 2010 election yet more than $800,000 has been spent for substantial improvements to the Greek Revival mansion where he and his wife live.

CBS Miami–10/28/2013

Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

State Lawmakers Polled Over “Stand Your Ground” Special Session

Members of the state’s Legislature will be polled to see if there is enough support to hold a special session to decide the fate of the state’s controversial “stand your ground” law.


Florida Capitol

House, Senate Lay Out Plans For Teacher Pay Increases

The state’s House and Senate have clarified their plans on how they would give teachers pay increase. On Friday, both legislative bodies laid out their blueprints for the state’s $74 billion budget for the coming fiscal year were released.


Matthew Bent in court on the first day of jury selection in the Michael Brewer burning case on June 11, 2012. (CBS4)

Matthew Bent’s Lawyer Asks For New Trial Based On Juror Misconduct

With a guilty verdict, Michael Brewer’s family thought they had final closure in the attempted murder of their son. Matthew Bent was convicted of dousing Brewer with alcohol and setting him on fire two-and-a-half years ago. But now a juror is claiming she was forced to change her verdict.


(Source: CBS4) Matthew Bent is handcuffed after being convicted of aggravated assault in the burning of Matthew Brewer

Jury Convicts Matthew Bent Of Aggravated Battery

Seventeen-year-old Matthew Bent has been found guilty of aggravated battery, which was a lesser included offense, for his role in the burning of Michael Brewer in 2009.


Matthew Bent in court on the first day of jury selection in the Michael Brewer burning case on June 11, 2012. (CBS4)

Jury Calls It A Day In Teen Burning Trial

Jury deliberations will continue Tuesday in the trial of 17-year-old Matthew Bent, who is accused of orchestrating the fiery attack on Michael Brewer in 2009.


(Source: CBS4) Michael Brewer testifies

Broken A/C Delays Teen Burning Trial

The heat was definitely on in the Broward County Courthouse Friday afternoon and it caused a delay in the attempted murder trial of Matthew Bent.


(Source: CBS4) Michael Brewer testifies

Michael Brewer: I Felt Like I Was Going To Die

It’s been more than three years since Michael Brewer was set ablaze at the Lime Tree Apartments. Thursday, Brewer took the stand for the first time and told his story about what he could remember from that day.