Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue

(Source: CBS4)

Rescue Crews Head Home After Helping Sandy Victims

South Florida rescue crews who were sent out two weeks ago to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy in New York have started to return.


A man was hospitalized after he lost control of his car and ended up in a Pembroke Pines pool. (CBS4)

Man Hospitalized After Car Ends Up In Pembroke Pines Pool

A South Florida pool is in need of repairs after an unlikely guest goes for a swim.


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Sewage Truck Crash Causes Stink In Pembroke Pines

Having your day ruined by your truck tipping over stinks, but in Pembroke Pines Monday afternoon, the driver of a tanker truck ruined his day, the day of people who live near the accident, because the cargo he lost in the crash really stinks, and it ended up in people’s lawns.


Broken Watermain Floods Firetruck

Pembroke Pines Sinkhole Swallows Fire Truck

A Pembroke Pines fire engine found itself in quite the predicament when it lodged it’s front tires in a sinkhole.