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PBA Files Lawsuit Against County Over Handling Of Layoffs

The Dade County PBA, a union that represents police officers, has filed a lawsuit in response to layoffs ordered by the mayor.


(Photo Credit: CBS4) Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez

Mayor Carlos Gimenez Vetoes Commission Budget Vote

Mayor Carlos Gimenez has vetoed a controversial commission vote which raise the cost of health insurance for police because he says it would result in too many layoffs.



Layoffs Loom For Miami-Dade Police After Commission Vote

Layoffs now loom in the future of the Miami-Dade Police Department in the wake of a narrow vote by Miami-Dade Commissioners who refused to force two employee unions to contribute an additional 5-percent of their pay toward health insurance.


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Commissioners Vote “No” To Health Insurance Hike For Police

The ongoing budget battle between the Miami-Dade Police Department and County Commissioners is heating up again Thursday.


Miami-Dade Commission

Dade Commission Approve Police Contract Concessions

Miami-Dade commissioners gave the nod Tuesday to major cuts in police pay and benefits. It’s a deal approved by the rank and file Monday night, but the battle between cops and county hall is not over.



Miami-Dade Police Union Members Vote Yes On 3-Year Deal

The rank and file of Miami-Dade’s police union approved a county cost cutting deal which would slash their overtime and incentive pay.


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Miami-Dade Reaches Tentative Deal With Cops

Miami-Dade County leaders and the Police Benevolent Association have reached a tentative agreement on cuts totaling $56 million.



Miami-Dade Takes Police Union’s Final Offer Back To County

Miami-Dade County agreed late Tuesday to take the police union’s “best and final offer” back to the county as they try to hammer out a deal on concessions and cost breaks.


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Scott Won’t Appeal Prison Privatization Ruling

Florida Governor Rick Scott will not appeal a court ruling that scuttled the administration’s plans to privatize prisons in South Florida.


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Police Union Makes New Concessions In Dade Contract Talks

As Miami-Dade County and it’s police union battle over concessions and cost breaks, a day long negotiation session Friday produced some movement, but not nearly enough to satisfy the county.