Pay Cuts

Florida Capitol

Bureaucrat’s Dream: 160 New Laws Effective Today

It’s a new month, and the start of a new fiscal year for the stare of Florida, and that means changes in the lawbooks. 160 new laws took effect Friday at Midnight, with something for everyone in the state.


Florida Capitol

More Than 150 New Laws Hit The Books This Friday

When Florida starts its new fiscal year this Friday, 160 new laws will hit the books. Many of those laws, as well as the budget, carry out the conservative governing philosophies of Republican Gov. Rick Scott and the GOP-majority Legislature.



Hollywood Officers Likely To See Pay Cut If Proposal Gets OK

Officer of the Hollywood Police Department could see their salary reduced by 12.5 percent following negotiations Wednesday in which they were told to accept the pay cuts or prepare for massive job layoffs.



Lauderdale Lakes Approves Cutting Staffers’ Pay

Lauderdale Lakes city employees will soon be seeing a little less in their paychecks.



Local Communities Biggest Losers In NFL Lockout

Early Saturday morning, the NFL announced the first work stoppage in the sport since 1987 when the players went on strike. But the lockout could have long lasting impacts on South Florid and other communities.



Police, Firefighters Protest Outside Heat Game

MIAMI (CBS4) – Thousands of police officers and firefighters said they were underpaid and underappreciated as they protested outside Friday night’s Miami Heat home opener at the American Airlines Arena. The protesters lined the streets […]