Packing Suitcase

Tips On Packing Lightly For Vacation

For the first-time traveler hoping to avoid baggage fees to the experienced globetrotter, the following 10 tips will help teach you how to pack more efficiently and maybe even more safely.


A man raises his fist with a Cuban flag. (Photo: YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Sweeping Changes To Cuba Travel Laws Take Effect Monday

Sweeping changes to migration and travel policy take effect in Cuba on Monday. The relaxed laws are expected to transform the lifestyle of Cubans both in the island nation and in South Florida.


(Source: CBS4) Flag of Venezuela

Venezuelans Protest Closure Of Miami Consulate

A political spat between the US and Venezuela which led to Venezuela closing it’s Miami consulate brought angry ex-pats to the street Saturday in protest.


Thomas Coex/AFP

Hugo Chavez Orders Venezuelan Consulate Shuttered In Miami

The Venezuelan consulate in Downtown Miami will undergo an “administrative shutdown” after the U.S. State Department’s decision to expel the consul in that diplomatic post, President Hugo Chavez announced Friday.