Dade’s Animal Services Offers Low Cost Vaccinations

Miami-Dade Animal Services workers spent days scrubbing down their shelter in Medley after a distemper outbreak forced them to stop accepting dogs and puppies. Now they’re hoping ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.



Dade Shelter Disinfection Begins After Canine Virus Outbreak

Officials at the Miami-Dade County Animal Shelter began the arduous task Monday of cleaning and disinfecting the shelter following an outbreak of a highly contagious canine virus.


(Source: The tag on cages is evidence that the Miami-Dade Animal Services shelter is finding homes for animals, something needed before they can sterilize the area to eliminate a distemper outbreak

Emergency Adoptions Winding Down At Dade Shelter

Most of the hundreds of dogs who risked euthanasia at the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter have been adopted, as the shelter continued to offer no-cost adoptions Sunday to move the dogs from a building infected with canine Distemper.


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Scramble At The Shelter As Distemper Threatens Dogs

There was a mad scramble Saturday to rescue dozens of dogs from sickness or euthanasia after a virus outbreak at Miami-Dade Animal Services in Medley put the entire dog population at risk.



Officials Waiving Adoption Fees To Clear Out Animal Shelter Amid Outbreak

There’s a mad scramble Friday to rescue dozens of dogs after a virus outbreak at Miami-Dade Animal Services in Medley. One way or the other, all of the dogs and puppies need to go.



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