South Florida Cracks Down On Street Solicitors

Broward intersections will become a little less busy during the upcoming year. No, the amount of drivers won’t decrease, but the many panhandlers who stand in the streets seeking loose change will.



South Miami Pushing Back Against Panhandling

Panhandling and trespassing are the targets of possible new ordinances by the South Miami City Commission, Tuesday.



Lauderdale Commission Gives Thumbs Up To Panhandling Measure

Ft. Lauderdale’s city commission has taken the first step to give the bum’s rush to beggars in the city.


Panhandling Sign

Lauderdale Commission To Discuss Anti-Panhandling Measure

Street beggars in Fort Lauderdale may soon be banned from panhandling if the city agrees on Tuesday to enact tough new restrictions.


(Source: CBS)

Lauderdale Commission To Discuss Anti-Panhandling Measure

Ft. Lauderdale will take the first step this week towards a ban on begging throughout the city. On Tuesday, city commissioners will begin discussion on a proposal which would bar panhandling at city parks, parking garages and near ATMs and cafes.


One of the panhandling  meters adorns Joe's Stone Crab's parking lot, across from the busy restaurant.(Source: Marice Cohn Band/ Miami Herald Staff)

More Anti-Panhandling Meters Are On The Way

Miami-Dade’s Homeless Trust, behind schedule on a plan to install 1,000 meters where people can donate to the homeless as part of an anti-panhandling campaign, is counting on a recent vote by Miami commissioners to give the project a boost.



Miramar Bans Streetside Panhandling

Panhandlers, road side vendors and those collecting for charity are no longer welcome at the major intersections of Miramar.



Miami Approves Panhandling Ban For Downtown

Homeless men and women have called Downtown Miami home for decades, but now that a renaissance of sorts is under, they will have to find a new place to gather.