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Palmetto Bay


Holiday Homes: The Wiedmans

CBS4’s David Bernard continues his annual Holiday Homes Tour on Thursday, December 15th at the home of Hugh Wiedman and his family, at 13905 SW 72 Court in Palmetto Bay.



Neo-Nazi Paraphernalia Litter Palmetto Bay Neighborhood

In Palmetto Bay’s Mangowood neighborhood, some folks got up Wednesday to find flyers in their driveways featuring a swastika, men in Nazi uniforms, and websites promoting a neo-Nazi group.



Palmetto Bay Sees An Uptick In Residential Burglaries

The Village of Palmetto Bay on the water in South Miami-Dade is called a village because it’s too small to be called a town. But the little, predominantly white collar community of just 8,000 homes is also rich in property crime.


(Source: CBS) Radar signature of a possible tornado in South Miami-Dade

Tornado Warning Issued As Storm Floods South Miami-Dade

Torrential rains from a weather system moving through South Miami-Dade have flooded streets in Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay, and spawned two tornado warnings after forecasters spotted signs of a possible funnel cloud around Black Point Marina, headed north. Those warnings were canceled shortly after 9:15 pm.


(Source: Miami-Dade Corrections) Dr. Mark Sachs

Dade Doc Accused Of Peddling Oxycodone

A south Miami-Dade doctor is behind bars charged with three counts of trafficking in oxycodone and running an unlicensed pain management clinic.


(Source: CBS4)

S. Florida Real Estate Market Ripe With Deals

If you’ve got the cash, then the South Florida real estate market is ready to reward you with some large bargains. From Homestead to Coral Springs, real estate agents are starting to see a slow turnaround in the depressed Florida home market.



Miami-Dade Environmental Barrier Full Of Holes

On Old Cutler Road in south Miami-Dade County, one of those familiar blue and white county signs brags about the bike path project under construction along the landmark roadway. But the environmental barrier is literally full of holes.


(Source: CBS) Florida Representative Frank Artiles, District 119

Herald: Miami Rep. Artiles Doesn’t Live In District

Miami-area Republican state Rep. Frank Artiles still hasn’t moved into the district he represents in the Legislature, according to CBS4 News partner The Miami Herald.



Government Notices May Bypass Newspapers

It’s something in every major newspaper that is often looked over: notices from local governments alerting you to meetings and issues in your community. Now, an effort is underway to get rid of them. It will save money, is it worth it?


Petit Cuisine

Organic Baby Food Turns Into Business For S. Fla. Mom

Parents always want the best for their children and that includes the food they eat. A Palmetto Bay mother is a firm believer that it’s never too early to start children eating healthy and fresh and now the rest of Miami-Dade can benefit from what this health-conscious mom does.





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