Outer Space

International Space Station (Source: nasa.gov)

Second Spacewalk In 2 Weeks At Int’l Space Station

For the second week in a row, astronauts are spacewalking at the International Space Station.


International Space Station (Source: nasa.gov)

International Space Station Takes Out The Trash

The International Space Station just put the trash out, so to speak, releasing its orbiting lab and leaving it with one less capsule on its hands.

CBS Miami–02/18/2014

International Space Station (Source: nasa.gov)

NASA Orders Emergency Spacewalk Repairs At ISS

There is trouble aboard the International Space Station and two astronauts will have to perform an emergency spacewalk to fix a bad pump on an external cooling system.

CBS Miami–12/18/2013

Photo of the full moon, on August 21, 2013 in Nice, southeastern France. (Photo: VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Lawmakers Wooing Space Companies

Florida has played a major role in the United States’ space program for decades, but with private ventures ready to take people to space, other states are vying to attract space companies.


Bright flares are visible near the event horizon of a super-massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way also known as Sagittarius A in this image released on January 6, 2003. (Photo by NASA/CXC/MIT/F.K.Baganoff/Getty Images)

Scientists Find Monster Black Holes, Biggest Yet

Two incredibly massive black holes, the biggest ever observed, have been found by U.S. astronomers.


This artist's concept depicts the rover Curiosity, of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission, as it uses its Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) instrument to investigate the composition of a rock surface. (Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

NASA Launching ‘Dream Machine’ To Explore Mars

NASA is another step closer to Mars as it prepares to launch its newest red planet Rover this weekend.



The Draconid Meteor Shower Is Coming

If you look up to the sky this weekend, you might get lucky and see a shooting star. Actually it would be a meteor which just looks like a shooting star.



NASA Captures First 3D Image Of The Sun

It’s official: The sun is a sphere. On Feb. 6th, NASA’s twin STEREO probes moved into position on opposite sides of the sun, and are now beaming back uninterrupted images of the entire star—front and back.


VSS Enterprise with wings feathered. (Photo credit: Mark Greenberg/VirginGalactic.com)

Out Of This World Tourism Deal

South Floridians who want to book an out-of-this-world vacation can now do so at 3 local travel agencies, among a small list authorized to sell trips to space aboard Virgin Galactic.