$8: What It Could Cost To Buy Orange Juice Soon The effects of Hurricane Irma may likely be felt also in your daily cup of orange juice.
Feds Considering Orange Juice Marketing ProgramThe state's Department of Citrus proposal to set up a federal orange juice marketing program has come under scrutiny.
Captain Citrus To Star In Online VideosSchool kids in all 50 states know about Captain Citrus from the comic books. The super hero, used by the state's Department of Citrus used to market Florida's orange juice, will soon be appearing in a series of web-based short videos.
Marvel Comics Creates New Captain CitrusMarvel Comics transformed the original fat-headed, green cape-wearing Captain Orange into a buff hero who can fight evil with the likes of Captain America.
Invasive Insect Threatens Iconic Florida CitrusFlorida may not be able to own up to its popular nickname the ‘Orange State’ anymore.
Sunshine Smoothie Recipe For SummerTina Haubert, author of The Part Time Vegetarian Smoothies and Juices, shares her recipe for a summer smoothie that is both healthy and delicious.
Breakfast Breaking The Bank For Some ConsumersIt’s often touted as the most important meal of the day, but putting out a spread on your breakfast table now comes with a bit of sticker shock.
Foreign OJ Ban Could Limit Sunshine State Production, Raise PricesConsumers may be looking at an increase in the price of orange juice after the Food and Drug Administration said it would stop all shipments of foreign orange juice at the border, and turn back any who test positive for the fungicide Carbendazim.

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