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Florida Finances Expected To Remain In Good Shape

Florida’s economy will likely remain in good shape for the next few years, according to state economists .


Florida Money

FL’s Economy Is Better Yet Officials Recognize Problems

Many Floridians have a little more money in their bank accounts according to a new analysis by state economists. While it appears Florida’s economy is showing signs of continued recovery, state economists pointed out some problems.



Economists Predict Growth For FL

The economy is expected to grow steadily over the next three years in Florida.


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Fla. Economists: “Slow, Steady Improvement For Through 2022”

Florida’s economy will continue improving at a slow, steady pace through 2022, according to the latest forecast from state economists.



State Revenue Collections Exceed Estimates By 2.8 Percent

Florida’s state general revenue collections are exceeding expectations. Translation: the state is making more money.



FL Jobless Numbers Fall As Unemployed Drop Out Of Work Force

new job report released Tuesday by the state of Florida show unemployment rates are dropping, but not for reasons you may think.