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Ice Sheet Melt Increasing Each Year

A new study in the journal Science has found that the ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica have been melting at an increasing rate over the last 20 years.

CBS Miami–11/29/2012

Kathleen Miskell

Focus on South Florida: Dangers of Parasailing

Following a deadly accident in Pompano Beach, we talk with guests who believe parasailing should be held to some kind of regulation.

My TV 33–09/07/2012

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Turtle Hatchling Rescue Underway In Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach Fire Rescue officials rushed to save several baby turtles stuck in a storm drain Friday morning.



Diving For Tires Off The South Florida Coast

It started with the best of intentions, take tires filling up landfills and use them to create an artificial reef. After pouring more than a million tires off our coastline the organizers quickly realized they had made a huge environmental mistake.


rip current risk

Rip Currents Lead To Rescues On Broward Beaches

Strong onshore winds Monday led to a higher than normal danger of rip currents, where swimmers can find themselves grabbed by currents that seem to pull them out to sea. That led to more than half a dozen arrests Wednesday on. Ft. Lauderdale Beach alone.


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Best Water Sports Equipment Stores in Miami

From kayaking to scuba diving, find the water sports equipment and services you need at one of these South Florida shops.


Special underwater cameras were needed to shoot the 6-part CBS4 series "Sharks". (CBS4)

Sharks: Danger On Assignment

Coming face to face with a shark that has up to 15 rows of teeth, was just one of the frightening challenges faced by CBS4 news crews as they reported on the world of sharks off Florida’s coastline. Now we have a behind the scenes look at a mission filled with danger.


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Sharks: The Fight To Keep Them Alive

More than 100,000 sharks are circling the South Florida coastline as part of an annual migration. The same migration is underway in the Bahamas. But unlike South Florida, CBS4′s David Sutta shows us why the ocean’s top predators there are all protected from fishing.


(CBS4) Rip current warning flags.

High Risk Of Rip Currents Through The Weekend

Now that the rain is gone, you may be planning on hitting the beach this weekend to soak up some sun. If you do go, don’t plan on going in the water.



I-Team: FAA Waives Rule For Life Saving Equipment

Most people wouldn’t image that the airplane they are flying in over the aqua waters of the Caribbean might not have life rafts on board in case the plane had to make a water landing. But the CBS4 I-Team has found the practice could be more common than you think.