Occupy Wall Street

A protestor affiliated with Occupy Wall Street holds a sign fashioned as a birthday cake on September 17, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Opinion: Occupy Wall Street’s First Anniversary

Occupy Wall Street made the world aware of Wall Street’s nearly-obscene inequities. But, unfortunately, that has been about it. How much has really changed because of the 12-month-old movement?


Occupy Miami members met in Little Havana before heading to Brickell on Thursday, November 17, 2011. (Source: CBS4)

Occupy Miami Gather In Little Havana, March On Brickell Banking District

Occupy Miami protesters will be marching in Little Havana and in the Brickell Avenue banking district Thursday afternoon.


(Source: CBS4) The permit request filed by Occupy Miami showing question marks for the end date of their protest

Occupy Miami Protesters Seek Support For County Permit

Occupy Miami, which has been camped on a public lawn at the Stephen P. Clark center for a month, is asking for public help as a Friday deadline to leave the property approaches. The protesters say the county is ignoring a permit and violating their rights.


(Source: CBS4)

Occupy Miami Moves For Building Construction

Protesters in the occupy Miami movement have moved temporarily.


(Source: CBS4)

Occupy Miami March To Financial District

The Occupy Wall Street movement that has spread worldwide will continue to have a presence in South Florida starting Friday.


Artist Above's Latest Work (Source: Peter Vahan)

Local Artist Targets Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has inspired protests and activists worldwide, including a local street artist who is using his talents to send a message to all Wall Street Bankers.


(Source: CBS4) Occupy Miami

Occupy Miami Protestors Rally For Third Day

For a third day protesters will Occupy Miami plan to rally near the Government Center in downtown Miami.


Occupy Miami members say the movement may be necessary to finally change things. (Courtesy: Suji Bell)

‘Occupy’ S. Fla. Movements Meet Saturday

Hundreds of participants joined Occupy groups in South Florida, specifically Fort Lauderdale and Miami, as they gathered on Saturday to be a part of the ‘Occupy’ movement that’s continuing to spread to cities across America.



S. Fla. ‘Occupy’ Movements To Meet Saturday

Occupy groups in South Florida, specifically Fort Lauderdale and Miami, will gather on Saturday to join the ‘Occupy’ movement that’s continuing to spread to cities across America.


Protesters hold signs during march organized by Occupy Boston, in connection with the Occupy Wall Street protest, in front of the Statehouse, Boston, Massachusetts. (Source: AP)

Poll: Occupy Wall Street Preferred Over Tea Party

The allure of the Tea Party was all the rage during the 2010 midterm election, but it’s time may have passed with the Occupy Wall Street movement gaining momentum.