Jimmy Carter still has a reputation as being ‘the peanut man’ due to his job as a peanut farmer before he became President. (credit: INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty Images)

4 Things Parents Should Know About Nut Allergies

Nuts and even nut products like peanut butter are a tasty and healthy snack. But for those who are allergic, the tasty treat can turn deadly. Miami Children’s Hospital provided the following list of things parents should know about nut allergies.



Paleolithic Era Diet Gaining Modern Followers

The Paleo Diet, or the caveman diet, means eating and acting like a caveman. To sustain the diet, you can only eat things you gather, hunt or pick.


allen west letter

Rep. West’s Response To CAIR Letter: “NUTS!”

A South Florida Muslim group sent Congressman Allen West a letter asking him to disassociate himself from activists the group considers anti-Islamic. Congressman West did respond and the letter he sent back is raising some eyebrows.