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North Miami Police Department

Fafane Caze (Source: Miami-Dade Corrections)

Autopsy Released Of 3-Year-Old Found Dead In Mother’s Home

The newly released autopsy report of a 3-year old found dead in his mother’s home could lead to more charges being filed against his mother who police say tortured her son to death.


Gold King Apartment (Source: CBS4)

More Than 200 Evacuated In North Miami After Partial Roof Collapse

More than 200-people have been displaced Thursday after heavy rains seeped all the way down to the first floor of a North Miami building, causing the building to be deemed unsafe.


5 year-old Daren (L) and 3 year-old Rey (R) Bonilla were reported missing on February 4, 2013 (Source: FDLE)

N. Miami Police Looking For Two Children Kidnapped From Yard

Law enforcement officials are looking for two North Miami brothers who were picked up by their mother’s acquaintance who did not have permission to take the children.


(Source: Miami-Dade Corrections) Shane Schuyler

Bath Salts May Be Behind Naked Man Confronting Girl In Park

The drug that made headlines after the causeway cannibal case is back in the news again. This time, North Miami Beach Police said a man believed to be on bath salts stripped nearly naked at a childrens playground and threatened a three year old girl with sexual advances.