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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

(Source: CBS4)

Christie Says More Help On The Way For Scott

The Republican Governors Association has chipped in $8.5 million this summer toward Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election effort.


(Source: CBS4)

Fire Destroyed Parts Of Recently Rebuilt Jersey Shore Boardwalk

A stretch of boardwalk devastated by Superstorm Sandy last year was destroyed again, this time by a raging fire in Seaside Park, New Jersey Thursday.


A neighborhood destroyed by Hurricane Sandy (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Something Extra: The Forgotten Borough

Staten Islanders have long called their home the “forgotten borough.” And that was before the horrors visited on New York City’s least populous borough by Superstorm Sandy went ignored for days!


(Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

Sandy May Present October Surprise For Presidential Campaigns

They are called “October surprises” – events which happen days before an election which could change the results.
The past 24 hours may just be that.



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