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Free Exams, Services For Pet Owners This Sunday

Big news for pet owners who have been putting off pricey pet exams and vaccinations: you can do it all for free.


(Photo Credit: AP)

Dade Animal Services To Offer Free Spay/Neuter Surgery In May

Miami-Dade residents who have been putting off getting their dogs and cats spayed or neutered because of the cost will get a break this May.


(Source: Miami-Dade Animal Services)

Miami-Dade Animal Services To Offer Free Spay/Neuter Surgeries

The Miami-Dade Animal Services Department is taking a different approach at saving cats and dogs.


Dogs And Cats

No-Kill Bill Measure Would Require Keeping Strays Alive

Stray animals would have to be sent to non-profit no-kill animal rescue organizations instead of euthanized by public shelters under a bill filed in the Legislature by a Republican senator.



Dogs Becoming Latest Casualty Of S. Fla. Foreclosures

Near the border of where rural meets desolate you’ll see them: Packs of dogs roaming Homestead and Florida City.



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