NBA Commissioner David Stern

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David Stern Stepping Down As NBA Comm. In 2014

NBA Commissioner David Stern will step down from his post in February 2014 multiple media outlets are reporting. Stern’s retirement plans were revealed to NBA executives Thursday.

CBS Miami–10/25/2012

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Obama Rubs Elbows, Raises Money At Orlando Home Of NBA Player

The sporting world and politics collided Thursday night at a ritzy fundraiser held at the home of Dallas Mavericks guard Vince Carter.


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NBA Players File Antitrust Lawsuits

NBA players bent over backwards to try and help the owners strike a new collective bargaining agreement, but it was never enough. Now, the players are in a different court to improve their position.


NBA Lockout

NBA Making Progress On Labor Deal

Fans of the Miami Heat may be closer than ever to seeing the best franchise in the state of Florida play again this season after a marathon negotiating session in New York Wednesday night.


NBA Lockout

NBA Set To Cancel More Games

Last Thursday, as the NBA negotiations seemed to be making progress, owners submarined any possible deal. Now, the owners are preparing to hit the players, and fans, again.


NBA Lockout

NBA Lockout Causing Collateral Damage

The NBA owners’ lockout of the players is showing no signs of ending after the league canceled the first two weeks of the season late Monday night. But there’s collateral damage from the lockout that is impacting people who have no say at the table.


NBA Lockout

NBA Negotiations Hit Critical Phase

The 2011-2012 NBA season may hang in the balance when labor talks resume Friday in New York.


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NBA May Contract Teams

The NBA and the Miami Heat are coming off of the most successful season in years. But, other teams are not as lucky and NBA commissioner David Stern said after the lockout is ended with a new collective bargaining agreement, league contraction is on the table.


NBA Lockout

NBA Players Union: Season Likely Canceled

When the NFL lockout was in its deepest point, both sides were positive that a deal could be worked out in time to save the season. The same can’t be said of the NBA.


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NBA Looking To Avoid Prolonged Lockout

While the NFL may be getting closer to ending its nearly 100-day lockout, the NBA is heading towards a lockout faster than LeBron James on a fast break.