Nativity Scene

"Display proposed by the Satanic Temple that was rejected by the Department of Management Services for the Florida Capitol." (Photo: Jim Turner/NSF)

Florida To Satanists: Oh Hell No

Atheists, Christians, Jews, and even followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster are all welcome to put up displays in the Florida Capitol rotunda, but the state’s Department of Management Services drew the line with a group of Satanists Wednesday.

CBS Miami–12/19/2013

(Source: Carlo Hermann/AFP/Getty Images)

Satanists & Atheists Vie For Space In Florida Capitol

A new display proposed for the Florida Capitol rotunda may leave you asking if the devil made them do it.

CBS Miami–12/11/2013

Florida Capitol

Festivus Pole Protests Nativity Display At State Capitol

Controversy may be brewing at the Florida Capitol thanks to a new holiday display set to go up this week.

CBS Miami–12/09/2013

(Source: Allison Rapport/CBS4 Viewer)

Nativity Scene To Make Its Way To State Capitol

A nativity scene will be displayed at Florida’s Capitol throughout the holiday season. A private group called the Florida Nativity Scene Committee with the help of law firm Thomas More Society paid for the scene and will set it up in Tallahassee on Tuesday.

CBS Miami–12/03/2013


Thieves Steal Statues Of Mary, Joseph From Nativity Scene

Who would think the nativity scene would turn into a crime scene? It happened in Coral Springs outside the Turtle Run Neighborhood. Thieves stole statues of Mary and Joseph.



Boca Church Protesting No Creche At City Hall

Members of a local church said the City of Boca Raton is discriminating against Christians by refusing to allow the display of a crèche or nativity scene inside of City Hall.