NASA Preps Astronauts For Flight In Private SpacecraftNASA is preparing to send astronauts back into space, this time on a private spacecraft.
New NASA Launch Control Software Late, Millions Over BudgetAn internal audit at NASA has revealed the launch control software under development for their deep-space exploration program is more than a year behind schedule and tens of millions of dollars above projected costs.
Supply Rocket Blasts Off From Cape CanaveralFresh supplies are rocketing toward the International Space Station.
Space Station Delivery Rich In Science And TechThe International Space Station will be getting some fire supplies Tuesday night. To be clear, literal fire-making supplies, not the slang term for something incredible.
'Twin' Comets Hurtle Past EarthAstronomers are observing a twin comet flyby Monday.
Hubble Telescope Breaks Record, Spots Farthest GalaxyThe Hubble Space Telescope has broken a major record.
2 Spacemen Back Home After Year Aloft: 'We Did It!'NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is returning to Earth Tuesday night after a space mission that has spanned a U.S.-record 340 days.
NASA Images Show Frozen Canyons In Pluto's North PoleNASA has released the latest photos of Pluto's north pole region making our own planet's poles look like a tropical paradise.
Apollo 10 Astronauts Heard ‘Outer-Space Type’ MusicTwo months before Neil Armstrong's famous 1969 landing, astronauts aboard the Apollo 10 space capsule reported hearing “outer space type” on the far of the moon.
Astronaut Wannabes Apply To NASA In Record NumberNASA won't have to look far for a few trailblazers ready to explore the final frontier of space.
Space Station Astronauts Jettison TrashA container with more than a ton of trash from the International Space Station is headed towards Earth's atmosphere where it will meet a fiery fate.
Record-Breaking Black Hole Discovered By AstronomersOne of the most massive black holes ever seen was discovered by astronomers, NASA has announced.

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