Best Weather Satellite Ever Built Rockets Into SpaceThe most advanced weather satellite ever built rocketed into space Saturday night, part of an $11 billion effort to revolutionize forecasting and save lives.
NASA's Next Weather Satellite To Revolutionize ForecastingThe United States' most advanced weather satellite is set for a sunset liftoff Saturday.
NASA Astronaut To Become Oldest Woman In SpaceWhen NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson rockets off the planet this week she'll be become the oldest woman in space.
The Supermoon Is Coming & So Are The King TidesSouth Florida will soon be in for another celestial treat with a showstopper of a supermoon but the beautiful sight in the sky may also bring some flooding to South Florida with the arrival of the November King Tides.
Showstopper November Supermoon Is Closest Moon To Earth Since 1948South Florida will soon be in for another celestial treat with a showstopper of a supermoon.
Rocket Launches On Space Station Supply RunMore than five thousand pounds of food, equipment and other supplies are on the way to the International Space Station.
Rocket Launch Expected To Be Visible From Entire East CoastA bad cable delayed a rocket launch from Virginia on Sunday by a NASA shipper eager to make a strong comeback.
NASA, SpaceX Move To Protect Rockets, Capsules From HurricaneAt the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, NASA and the private company SpaceX are taking precautions to protect their capsules and rockets from Hurricane Matthew.
NASA Shares Stunning Images, Video Of Hurricane Matthew Satellite photos from NASA are revealing some stunning images of Hurricane Matthew from outer space.
Hubble Telescope Spots Water Plumes Above Jupiter's Moon EuropaA composite image from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope shows possible plumes of water vapor erupting off the limb of Jupiter's moon Europa.
American Astronaut Will Vote From Orbit If Homecoming Is DelayedThe lone American in orbit will vote for president from inside the International Space Station, if her homecoming is delayed.
NASA Spacecraft On Way To Asteroid To Bring Back SamplesThe hunt has begun.

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