NASA Spacecraft Closing In On JupiterA solar powered NASA spacecraft is zeroing in on Jupiter.
Booster Rocket Fires In Key NASA Test For Mars MissionsThe 4th of July is less than a week away, but NASA is already shooting off some fireworks.
NASA Takes 23,000-Foot View Of The World's Coral ReefsNASA is taking a look at the bigger picture when it comes to studying the world's coral reefs and the effects of global warming.
Astronauts Enter First Inflatable Space LodgeA first for the astronauts on the International Space Station. On Monday they entered the world's first inflatable space habitat.
NASA Attempts Another Go At Inflating Space Station RoomNASA will take a second crack at inflating an experimental room at the International Space Station.
NASA Hits Snag While Inflating New Room At Space Station NASA hit a bump while inflating a new room at the International Space Station on Thursday. The snag put everything on hold for at least a day.
Scientists Get Money To Study Astronaut MemoryTwo University of Central Florida professors were awarded $900, 000 to study how the memory of astronauts changes during long missions in space.
Mars Shines Bigger, Brighter Next WeekOver the next night or so, the sky will have a very special visitor - Mars.
International Space Station Makes 100,000th Orbit Of EarthA total of 17 ½ years and 100,000 laps later, the International Space Station entered the history books Monday.
Mercury Makes Rare Trip Across The SunIn a super rare occurrence, Mercury will move across the sun Monday.
NASA Preps Astronauts For Flight In Private SpacecraftNASA is preparing to send astronauts back into space, this time on a private spacecraft.
New NASA Launch Control Software Late, Millions Over BudgetAn internal audit at NASA has revealed the launch control software under development for their deep-space exploration program is more than a year behind schedule and tens of millions of dollars above projected costs.

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