Narcy Novack


Witness: Narcy Novack Pointed Out Husband To Attackers

One of two men, allegedly hired to kill South Florida millionaire Ben Novack Jr. testified Thursday that Novack’s wife pointed out her husband to the attackers by stroking his hair in a restaurant.



Prosecutors: Narcy Novack Did It For The Money

Prosecutors in the trial of Narcy Novack are focusing on the financial motive she had to kill her millionaire husband Ben Novack Jr. and his mother.


Narcy Novack was indicted Thursday, July 8, 2010 along with three other people in an alleged conspiracy to cause the death of her husband. (Source: BSO)

Novack Millionaire Murder Trial Gets Underway

It’s day one in the trial of Narcy Novack who is accused in the murder of her Ft. Lauderdale millionaire husband and his mother.



Narcy Novack’s Trial Scheduled To Begin Monday

Trial is scheduled to get underway Monday for Narcy Novack who is accused of having her millionaire Ben Novack Jr. husband killed in a New York motel room.



Judge Rules To OK “Chatty” Statements In Narcy Novack Trial

A federal judge ruled Friday in New York that Narcy Novack’s “chatty” statements to police after the killing of her millionaire husband were voluntary and can be used as evidence at her murder trial.


Narcy Novack

Novack Case Takes Unexpected Twist

A detective investigating the murder of Ben Novack gave $5,000 to a woman expected to be a key prosecution witness after she said she was fearful for her safety, a court document revealed Wednesday.


Narcy Novack, the prime suspect in the death of her husband, Fontainebleau heir Ben Novack Jr. talks with investigators in never-before-seen tapes. (CBS4)

Judge To Decide What Evidence Can Be Allowed In Novack Murder

There’s a hearing Friday in New York where a judge wants to hear arguments about what evidence should be allowed at the trial of a South Florida woman accused of directing the killings of her husband and mother-in-law.


Narcy Novack, the prime suspect in the death of her husband, Fontainebleau heir Ben Novack Jr. talks with investigators in never-before-seen tapes. (CBS4)

Narcy Novack Back In Court Over Police Interviews

The South Florida widow of Ben Novack Jr. is scheduled to appear in a New York court on Tuesday.


Ben Novack Jr (Source: CBS News)

Broward Suit Will Lay Claim To Novack Fortune

The legal battle over the estate of the late Ben Novack Jr. is heating up. On Wednesday, relatives of Novack will file a suit in Broward County claiming the estate is rightfully theirs and does not belong to his wife Narcy who is accused of murdering both Novack and his mother Bernice.


Narcy Novack

Murder Trial Looming, Battle Begins Over Novack Family Fortune

In a few weeks, Narcy Novack is scheduled to go on trial in a New York federal court for the murder of her husband Ben Novack Jr.





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