Nancy Detert

Senate Committee Buys Into Back-To-School Tax HolidayA measure to again give Florida shoppers a 10-day "sales-tax holiday" on back-to-school items easily won support Monday in its first Senate committee.
Detert To Leave Senate Early For County Commission BidState Sen. Nancy Detert will end her legislative career in 2016 --- two years before term limits would have forced her to step down --- and run for the Sarasota County Commission.
Detert Set To Call 'Action' On Film, TV IncentivesSenate Commerce and Tourism Chairwoman Nancy Detert plans to continue trying to bolster Florida's film and television incentives program as a legislative report indicates the industry is in decline because of competition from Georgia and Louisiana.
Lawmakers Working On Fix To Extended Foster CareThe sponsor of Florida's 2013 law extending foster care to age 21 is working on a legislative fix to resolve confusion about which state agency is responsible for severely disabled young adults in the program.
Gov. Scott Signs Texting While Driving Bill In MiamiFlorida’s new texting while driving ban became official on Tuesday at Gov. Rick Scott’s bill signing ceremony in Miami.
Gov. Scott To Sign Texting While Driving Bill In Miami Florida’s new texting while driving ban will become official on Tuesday at Gov. Rick Scott’s bill signing ceremony in Miami.
Texting While Driving Ban Goes To Gov. Scott Gone will be the days of distracted drivers’ mid-conversation via text—that’s if Gov. Rick Scott signs the bill to ban texting while driving.
Last Minute Amendment May Doom Texting While Driving Ban BillA last minute change to a bill that would ban texting while driving could keep it from passing in the Senate.
Online Sales Tax Bill Passes Second Senate VoteA federal bill that could cost online retailers and customers more money passed a second Senate vote Thursday
Texting While Driving Ban Headed To Senate, House FloorsTALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/AP) – After clearing its final committee hurdle on Monday, a bill that would ban texting while driving is headed to the Senate floor. Both the Senate version of the bill and House version, which is going to the floor there, make texting while driving a secondary offense. That means police would have to stop a driver for a primary offense before they could be cited for texting while driving. A first time violation would be a $30 fine plus court costs. Drivers caught again within five years would be hit with a $60 fine and three points on their license. "Hopefully, we've gone beyond public support into public frustration that we haven't passed something," said Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice, the bill's sponsor. "I think this is the year." In the past four years, texting ban bills have failed under Republican opposition due to government intrusion concerns.
Time's Running Out For Children's Health Care BillA bill aiming to expand access to health care coverage for Florida children may not be passed in time.
Committee Vote May Be Close On Domestic PartnershipsA senator who last month opposed a bill that would create domestic partnerships for unmarried couples will support a new, narrower version when it comes up Tuesday in the Senate Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee.