Iftar dinner at the Islamic School of Miami on Wednesday, August 8, 2012. (Source: CBS4)

S. Fla. Muslims Break Ramadan Fast At Iftar Dinner

The South Florida Muslim community continues to celebrate Ramadan after taking a moment to break their fast.


Happy Ramadan Graphic

S. Florida Muslims Celebrate The Start Of Ramadan

Friday morning marked the start of the ninth and holiest month in the Islamic calendar.


allen west letter

Rep. West’s Response To CAIR Letter: “NUTS!”

A South Florida Muslim group sent Congressman Allen West a letter asking him to disassociate himself from activists the group considers anti-Islamic. Congressman West did respond and the letter he sent back is raising some eyebrows.


Sketches of Izhar Khan and and his father Hafiz Khan in federal court following their arrest on charges of conspiracy and providing material support to Pakistani Taliban. (CBS4)

Miami Muslim Cleric Wants Out Of Jail

An attorney for a South Florida Muslim cleric accused of supporting the Taliban in Pakistan has asked the judge to release his client from jail until his trial.


mosque protestor

Mosque Protester, Police Put Miami Neighborhood On Edge

The South Florida Imams accused of terrorism were arrested right in front of their mosques, disrupting the neighborhoods around them. Monday night, one of those neighborhoods saw more commotion.


Congressman Allen West

Freshman Congressman West To Tour Guantanamo

South Florida Congressman Allen West, R-Plantation, will travel to Cuba Monday to tour the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.