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Miami-Dade Health Dept. Confirms 1st Dengue Fever Case

Miami-Dade County Health Department officials confirmed Thursday that a Miami-Dade resident has contracted Dengue Fever.



Miami-Dade Ready To Fight Back Against Mosquito Invasion

Summer in South Florida means heat, rain and pesky mosquitoes. If you’ve been outside recently, you know the mosquitoes are back in full force which has Miami-Dade mosquito control ready to fight back.


The body of a female mosquito fills up and balloons as she sucks blood from a photographer's hand at Everglades National Park August 12, 2002 in Flamingo, Florida. The female bugs use the blood protein to feed their eggs then lays the eggs in water. The itch from the bite is caused by the human body's immune system responding to the mosquito's saliva.  (Photo by Tom Ervin/Getty Images)

Skeeters Begin Summer Assault, Fight Back

Summer like temperatures along with afternoon rain and thunderstorms are perfect breeding conditions for one of South Florida’s peskiest pests – the mosquito.


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Palm Beach Woman Recovering From West Nile Virus

While the calendar may say December, our temperatures are in the humid 80s during the day making it feel more summer-like than winter-like. Summer-like heat can bring out summer pests.


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M-D Health Dept. Confirms Dengue Fever Case

Miami-Dade County Health Department officials confirmed Wednesday that a Miami-Dade resident has contracted Dengue Fever.


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West Nile Virus Alert Issued In Dade

If you plan to spend your day working or playing outdoors, you may want to apply some bug spray along with the sunscreen.


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Miami-Dade Issues Health Advisory For West Nile Virus

The Miami-Dade County Health Department has confirmed a human case of West Nile virus.


(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

War On Mosquitoes Moves To Broward This Weekend

The frontline of South Florida’s war on mosquitoes is moving to Broward County this weekend.



C-130′s Set To Take On Miami-Dade Mosquitoes

Residents across parts of Miami-Dade County will be getting buzzed by something other than mosquitoes starting Tuesday evening.



Broward To Spray Northwestern Cities For Mosquitoes

Residents of Coral Springs and Sunrise who have been complaining about all the mosquitoes this year take heart, help is on the way.