Mosquito Control

Jeffrey Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes

Living in the Sunshine State means living with mosquitos. Now those pesky bugs are finding themselves at the center of controversy. Under consideration— an experiment that would release genetically engineered mosquitos in the Florida Keys. We focus on what that means and why the proposal has people taking sides.

My TV 33–01/27/2014

(Source: AP)

Mild Mosquito Season Thus Far In Miami-Dade

It may be pretty hard to believe, but despite all of the rain in South Florida; Miami-Dade County hasn’t seen an unusually active mosquito season in 2013. So far.

CBS Miami–07/30/2013

(Source: AP)

Dade, Broward Wage War Against Pesky Skeeters

Recent rains across South Florida have prompted a mini-invasion of pesky mosquitoes as receding flood waters allow long-dormant eggs to hatch.


Mosquito Invasion  (Source: MYTV 33)

Focus on South Florida: Mosquito Invasion

Recent heavy rains have experts already calling thi sone of the worst mosquito seasonin years. And that has health officials extremely concerned. We look at what’s being done to protect us and our families.

My TV 33–06/24/2013


C-130’s Set To Take On Miami-Dade Mosquitoes

Residents across parts of Miami-Dade County will be getting buzzed by something other than mosquitoes starting Tuesday evening.



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