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(Source: Zoo Miami/Ron Magill)

Zoo Miami Attempts To Create Pride

A group of lion cubs and their mother will be united with a male lion in hopes of creating the first, complete pride at Zoo Miami on Sunday.


(Source: Zoo Miami)

Zoo Miami Shows Off Their Newest Addition

Zoo Miami is showing off its newest addition, a baby giraffe born just days ago.

CBS Miami–11/05/2013

This is one of two cheetahs which arrived at MIA Thursday from South Africa. They will live at Zoo Miami as part of the zoo's Cheetah Ambassador program. (Source: CBS4/Marybel Rodriguez)

Zoo Miami’s New Cheetah Ambassadors Arrive From S. Africa

Zoo Miami’s newest new four legged ambassadors have arrived in South Florida.


One of two new cheetahs coming to Zoo Miami as part of its Ambassador Program. (Source: Zoo Miami/Ron Magill)

Zoo Miami Celebrates Arrival Of 2 New Cheetahs From S. Africa

Zoo Miami is about to get two new four legged ambassadors. Two male cheetahs from South Africa are expected to arrive in Miami from South Africa on Thursday afternoon.


Photo Credit: CBS4

Zoo Miami Adds Big Baby

There’s a new addition to the animal kingdom at Zoo Miami. The newborn giraffe weighs more, and is taller, than the average man and has been “looooong” awaited.


Savannah the Cheetah

Zoo Miami Mourns Loss Of Ambassador “Savannah”

A forceful presence for wildlife conservation has passed away at Zoo Miami. “Savannah”, the zoo’s first ambassador cheetah, was euthanized after several months of declining health due to her advanced age.


Rhinoceros Juanpur

Rhino Temporarily Escapes At Zoo Miami

It’s not every day that you lose track of a rhinoceros, but at Zoo Miami Wednesday, an Indian Rhinoceros did a disappearing act from its enclosure.