Miami Police Union

Miami Police (Source: CBS4)

Miami Police Union Rally In Support Of NYPD

A sea of blue gathered in downtown Miami Monday night as police officers from across South Florida rallied to show their solidarity with two New York City police officers who were gunned down and killed earlier this month.


(Source: CBS4) Rudy Eugene, from 2006 mug shot.

Causeway Cannibal Identified; Fears Grow Over Drug Possibly Involved

The crime shocked South Florida and has drawn the attention of the world. A naked man is shot by Miami Police while eating another naked man’s face on the MacArthur Causeway. The biggest question everyone has is, why?


Miami City Commission

Miami Commission Signs Off On New Budget

After more than ten hours of debate and going over a proposed budget line by line, Miami commissioners approved a $479 million spending plan for next year just after 3:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.


Miami City Commission

Miami Commissioners Meeting Late To Finalize $472 Million Budget

The city of Miami faces a $62 million budget gap and commissioners spent Tuesday night going line by line to pass a $472 million budget overnight.


stacks of money

Miami Police Union Fighting Budget Cuts

The Miami City Commission was scheduled to hold a special meeting to decide the fate of the police union contract as the city closes a $62 million budget hole, but there was a development Monday afternoon that changed plans.


(Source: AP)

Miami’s Budget Stalls Over Police Union Contract

The city of Miami must close a $62 million deficit in the 2012 budget. The first of two public hearings is set for Thursday night and city leaders hope agreements reached with three of four unions may help bring the city closer to a balanced budget.